The Treadmill – Chapter 2

Steam rising and hissing, slowly the milk started to bubble in Tre’s silver jug. ‘Skinny cap with soy and a mocha frap’ he repeated as Sonya rattled through the ladies order at the till. God he hated Saturday morning shifts. By 11am all the women from the gym next door would totter in after their session and sit for hours ordering complicated annoying drinks like skinny soy chai tea lattes or almond milk cappuccinos with no chocolate. That’s the one that really annoyed Tre. A cappuccino without the chocolate is really just a frothy coffee for chrissake.

Still tho’ it was nice to see all the honeyz coming in in their tight gym clothes looking all fine. The blondey one he liked was here today. He didn’t know if she had kids but she was definitely still a milf in his eyes. She came in all the time drinking coffee with her wide group of friends, nearly a different person e’rytime he saw her. Today she was with some new chick, kinda chubby brunette. He recognised her too, she had only joined the gym recently but always came in after for a skinny latte. Tre used to feel a bit sorry for her cause she’d eye up dem muffins and sweet cakes like they was the crown jewels but she ain’t ever ordered one. Tre would hate to be a woman, all that umm’ing and ahh’ing they do, just order a freaking coffee ladies it ain’t that hard.

Tre never worried about his weight. He was naturally athletic and played football nearly every day since he was about 4 years old, even if it was just a kick about with his boys in the green. He was about 5’11’ but still had some growing left to do so his old dear kept saying. “You’re just like your father, you are, and he was 6’2 an all’ she’d say as he’d pick up his football and head out the door. He hated when she compared him to his dick of a Dad. God only know’s why she still held a candle for him after all these years.

“Skinny vanilla latte, extra shot” Tre droned as the milk in the jug started to burn the tips of his fingers. Thats how he knew the milk was hot enough, as soon as he had to remove his fingers that’s when it was done. Sonya always insisted he use that big stupid thermostat but he had made enough freakin coffees since he started in Starbucks six months ago to know what to do. He just wanted to earn some money so he could go on his first boys holiday after he got done with sixth form. Him and the boys were gonna go Malia and get right on it. Just couple more months left to go and he would have the £800 he needed saved up.

That blondey one looked like she was crying, she had her back to him but she was gesticulating wildly and the chubby one was handin her tissues and looking around uncomfortably like she didn’t know what to do. Tre hated seeing chicks cry’in. He saw enough of it with his old dear back in the day. He made his ex honey Chevaun cry when he told her he didn’t want to hook up no more. She was all ‘But why Tre, you said you liked me Tre, you said we were gonna go to the carnival togeva’. Shit she was cray cray that chick. Blondey did look realz upset tho. Maybe he should go over there with a free muffin or somethin. His mate Ony who worked in Pret said they were encouraged to give free shit to peeps who were havin a bad day. Ony said he got about five girls numbers giving them free shit, dude was a bit a liar at times but he was still cool. He knew the chubby one would definitely like one of those browines and she looked like she was having a hard time herself with the blondey one wailing and sniffling into the tissues. The morning rush had died down and Sonya was over restocking the sugars. Ugh that chick man, go’in for employee of the year e’ryday she was.

Tre grabbed a plate and picked up a brownie with the thongs. He walked out from behind the counter and towards the two damsels in distress. Chubby was looking at him walking over, she had a look on her face that reminded Tre of someone who desperately needed to take a slash but knew they had to wait for ages before they could have one. Blondey was babbling away, he could barely make out what she was saying, something about rocks and carrots. Maybe she had a pet rabbit who died. “Um we didn’t order that” sez Chubby as Tre placed the plate on the table, narrowly missing blondeys perfectly manicured hand as she threw it wildly to the side saying something about cages and shafts. “It’s on me” said Tre. “You ladies looked like you needed some brown sugar to cheer you up.”

Cheesy. As. Fuck.

Why the hell did I just say that thought Tre. Chubby was just staring at him with her mouth open, while Blondey wiped her eyes and tried her best to smile at him through her tears. “Oh thanks, thanks very much” said Chubby “Um my friend and I were just, um, we’re just….”

“Tre, order on” shouted Sonya from the till.

“No worries ladies, enjoy” said Tre as he hot footed it back to the coffee station.

“You owe the til £2.40 for that” said Sonya, “This isn’t Pret you know”.

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